One LFP26650P Hi Power Rechargeable 3.2V 2.6Ah

One LFP26650P Hi Power Rechargeable 3.2V 2.6Ah
Item# lfp-26650-p-hi-

Product Description

This is our new LFP26650P hi power rechargeable cell. It is manufactured out of our patented & thermally stable LFP chemistry. This cell can handle +42 Amps continous discharge with over 150 Amp pulse capability. The cell is rated at 3.2 nominal volts and 2.6 Ahr. Add $2.00 per cell if you would like nickle tabs welded to the battery. The internal impedance is less than 9 mohms. This battery is 26.2mm D x 65.2mm H and weights 82.5 grams (with a card board sleeve).

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